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Driveshaft Shop Honda SI 06-11 (FG/FA) Basic Level - 4130 Performance Fabrication

Driveshaft Shop

Driveshaft Shop Honda SI 06-11 (FG/FA) Basic Level

$ 319.98

Product Description:

Civic Si (FG/FA) Level 0 axles. These are the new Level 0 performance axles. Using a chromoly center bar, a real billet inner cv with a larger oversized tripod and a new heat treat on our 1117 billet outer. The outer cv is custom made with a single arc design; this is a time/wear advantage over the factory Honda dual arc design that tends to wear out prematurely. This is a superior axle for any stock replacement or swap. Axles come with removable ABS rings. These axles are designed as an alternative to cheap re-builts or inferior aftermarket axles on the market today. It is a quality axle and better than than any Mount company's "Swap" axle. Price is for both left and right axle. PART# RA4020L0 / RA4021L0

Warranty: none against breakage | Special Notes: just a swap axle no HP rating.

***If You have any questions regarding this product, feel free to contact our shop***

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