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Injector Dynamics 725cc 00-05 S2000 - 4130 Performance Fabrication

Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics 725cc 00-05 S2000

$ 480.00

The ID725 exists for those applications where the ID1000 is just a little bit too big, and will maintain strict linearity at flow rates that will satisfy even the smallest engines. This makes the ID725 ideal for emissions compliant OEM applications while offering the high flow rates required for mildly boosted motors. With pressure capability in excess of 8 bar, this injector has found a home in many different applications.
From upgrade injectors on V8's running factory Ford or GM ECU's, to OEM supply on everything from emissions legal turbo kits to Noble's 650hp M600, the ID725 is holding its own with the ID1000 and ID2000 which have achieved near cult status in the motorsport community.

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