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3rd and 4th Straight Cut Drag Set - 4130 Performance Fabrication


3rd and 4th Straight Cut Drag Set

$ 2,214.25

Designed to service top level Sport Compact racers in the USA, this set has swiftly proven its reliability and performance amongst elite level racers such as Marc Podkowik, Jake Gavio, Tim Grey, in the USA. Now an integral part of many teams' drivetrain the world over, this set has been a blessing for many that have persevered with unreliable competitor gearboxes over the past few years. Comes with optional aircraft aluminium center brace attachment for added gear casing rigidity and strength. Crownwheel and Pinion is available as an option along with 5th gear brace upon order.

Ratio Options:

1.150 / 0.909

1.50 / 1.20

2.6 / 1.93

Horsepower Rating: 1000 hp

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