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2016+ Civic X 1.5T 3" Downpipe / Front Pipe Combo - 4130 Performance Fabrication


2016+ Civic X 1.5T 3" Downpipe / Front Pipe Combo

$ 649.99

Fits 2016+ Civic 1.5 Turbo MT/CVT including Si 

PRL downpipe / front pipe assembly is constructed of mandrel bent 16 gauge 304 stainless tubing and 304 stainless 3D CNC'd flanges with smooth transitions for optimal flow and fitment. All pieces are fully back-purged for weld integrity and optimal strength while the front pipe features a high quality, reinforced stainless flex section. Customers can run an aftermarket exhaust or mate PRL's combo to the factory exhaust. Choose between catless or 300 CEL cat. 

All kits will include gaskets, stainless hardware and components needed for a seamless installation.

Catted Downpipe + Front Pipe Gains WITHOUT Tuning on PRL's Car:

  • 400 RPM increase in peak torque
  • 40+ hp and 50+ ft/lbs tq down low
  • 10 hp and 14 ft/lbs tq at peak
  • 10 hp and 14-20+ ft/lbs tq throughout mid-range/top


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