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There is something intoxicating about negotiating a track with the car completely sideways.
  Drifting, or as I like to call it, 'controlled chaos', translates to pure driving enjoyment and fun. I have come to the conclusion that this particular class of drivers are a wild and exciting breed of racers.
  It takes an immense amount of car control to coordinate extreme slip angles while adhereing to clipping points in competition. To these racers, it is an adrenaline rush; counter-steering their cars around the track at high speeds. They push these vehicles to their limits, all while maintaining complete control.
 It is such a thrill to watch these guys maneuver these cars on the track with speed and style. We had the chance to watch Josh Lowell, a drift class driver at both the Millville, NJ and ETOWN tracks;  and we asked him what it takes to get a car on the drift track.  He says there are a few requirements for anyone starting to build one of these cars. First, the car must be rear-wheel drive in order to slide the car well. Next, the differential must be either locked or a posi-traction as well as a good clutch to get the power down to the ground. Last, the very important and necessary E-brake!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, you must essentailly have No Fear to keep up with these insane drivers.
  At 4130, we have the drifting performance parts you need! Check out our 4130 Brand dual rear caliper drift plates in our catalog!  From custom welding services to suspension and clutch upgrades. We can get your car ready to tackle high speeds and those massive angles on the track.
Search our 4130 Shopify store or Contact us for your upgrades and welding services. 609-318-4130

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